What is PROINVERSION’s role within the framework of the Works for Taxes Law?

  • Promotion of the Law and resolution of queries as well as channeling possible improvements thereof.
  • Dissemination events and orientation talks on the implementation of regulations and potential benefits to RG and LG officials and interested corporate executives.
  • Dissemination of projects prioritized by the Regional and Local Governments, through PROINVERSION’s Website.
  • Advice to RG and LG upon request, regarding the development of the selection process.
  • Support in identifying companies, both individually and through consortiums and even construction companies.
  • Facilitate the relationship between the RG or LG and the company concerned, supporting both until the delivery of the work and the issuance of the CIPRL (Regional and Local Public Investment Certificate).
  • Carry out the selection process for projects prioritized by Associated Municipalities (Mancomunidades Municipales) and Interregional Coordination Boards (Juntas de Coordinación Interregional).
  • Publication of information on the web portal, enabling to know the status and progress of the project as well as the list of officials responsible for granting approvals thereof.

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Sede Principal
LIMA: Av. Enrique Canaval Moreyra Nº 150, Piso 9 San Isidro – Lima Telf: (511) 200-1200 Fax:(511) 221-2941

Horario de Atención de Mesa de Partes: Lunes a viernes de 9 a.m. a 5 p.m. (Horario Corrido)

AREQUIPA: Pasaje Belén 113 - Vallecito Arequipa Telf : (054) 608114 Telefax: (054) 608115
PIURA: Calle Los Manzanos, Mz. Ñ Lote 23, Urb. Santa María del Pinar – Piura
Teléfono: (073) 30-9148 / Fax (073) 31-0081

Offices in Provinces 
PASCO: Av. Próceres N°94 - Piso 2, San Juan Pampa, Yanacancha (Oficina Conectamef) 
Cel: 997567334 RPM: *503057
HUARAZ: Av. Agustín Gamarra 420 - Piso 1 - Barrio San Francisco (Oficina Conectamef)
Cel: 973860952 RPM:*0114038